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Master the Perfect Consult

Learn how communication and consultation skills can improve your professional fulfilment, bond clients and improve business outcomes

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Learn skills you weren’t taught at uni

We created Effective Communication and Consultation Skills for Veterinarians to teach you the formula to the perfect consult. Consultations are complex interpersonal interactions and often it’s hard to connect with clients. That’s why we teach you a range of practical tools, strategies and models, so you can overcome challenges and start getting more fulfilment from clinical practice, better patient outcomes and happier clients.

This 15-hour course is endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association and offers 15 VetEd Points on completion

About This Masterclass

Why This Course?

It was once believed that the only skills vets needed to succeed were skills like diagnostic reasoning, applying expert knowledge, examination skills and case management. Of course, these are all vital skills but it’s very clear nowadays that this is just part of the picture. Consultations are central to our clients’ experience and without strengthening our communication skills, all the clinical knowledge in the world is simply not enough to really help your patients and lead a successful practice.

What you'll get

Effective Consultation and Communications Skills for Veterinarians is an online, fully comprehensive, science-backed, five module course created especially for veterinarians (and consulting nurses).
It includes:

  • Over 100 pages of detailed written notes and diagrams
  • A video series with Dr Claire Stevens
  • 10 recorded webinars with Dr Claire Stevens
  • Access to interact with your tutor and participants online
  • An assessment to test your knowledge and understanding
  • Online discussion areas for Q&A, discussions, debate and sharing of consultation tips and strategies

Designed for Veterinary Professionals

Effective Consultation and Communications Skills for Veterinarians is a complete package for vets who wants to see a positive change in the industry, who want more fulfilment in their work and want to boost their income.

Learn How To…

✓  Connect with all people, even the difficult ones
✓  Structure your consultations so they flow
✓  Deal with aggressive clients
✓  Have difficult conversations and break bad news
✓  Be empathetic towards individual differences and be sensitive to people’s values, ideas and beliefs
✓  Get feedback, give feedback and develop emotional intelligence
✓  Deal with lists of problems that never end
✓  Read your client’s mind, you’ll be surprised most of them are thinking the same thing
✓ Deliver complex medical information simply without overwhelming your client
✓  Get people to return for rechecks and actually comply to your recommendations
✓  Find strength in the hard times and learn new ways to have purpose, passion and fulfilment in your role

Master the 5 pillars of the perfect consult

Module 1. Introduction

This module introduces the foundations of communications skills which is at the heart of the perfect consult. Building on this, you will gain insights on how to be more client-centered in your consults and the barriers to client communication that you can overcome.

Module 2. Consultation Models

In this module, you will learn how to apply four key consultation models, learn how to use role play, video and observation to effectively develop your communication skills and unpack the art of giving and receiving effective feedback.

Module 3. Making the Connection

In this module we explore the importance of building rapport using a variety of communication techniques. We look at how to use open and closed questioning in getting a detailed history and how you can show your respect for the pet owners’ ideas, concerns and expectations. In this module we also disclose the best way to deal with long lists of problems in one short consult.

Module 4. Guiding the Client Along

The key skills of summarising and signposting are the focus of this module. You will learn the principles of effective information giving and learn a model for breaking bad news to clients. You will also learn how to critique a colleague’s attempt at delivering complex medical information.

Module 5. Making a Plan Together

You will learn the pros and cons of shared decision making and a model to do this effectively in practice. You’ll discover more about the client-centred approach and how its different to the vet-centred approach and the principles behind safety netting. You will become more aware of workplace stressors and strategies to combat compassion fatigue and burnout.

Our Promise to You

We want you to love the Effective Consultation & Communication Skills course as much as we do. But if you decide that it isn’t right for you, simply tell us within one week of purchase date and we’ll be happy to give you a 100% refund.
100% satisfaction. 0% risk. Guaranteed.

The Outcomes

  • You will receive a printable digital Certificate of Completion
  • 15 VetEd Points from The Australian Veterinary Association
  • Participants graduate from this course feeling confident in running effective consultations and bonding clients
  • Participants also report an increased level of fulfillment after implementing our strategies and seeing improved results in their professional lives

About the Tutor

The Effective Consultation and Communication Skills course was created by veterinarian and author Dr Claire Stevens. Dr Claire has been in clinical practice for over ten years and partnered in multiple vet practices.
Claire’s aim is to make a positive change to the veterinary industry by improving vets’ well-being and productivity through teaching them the art consulting.